Deeper Conversation on Education and Career/Life Planning sessions provide continued professional learning to enhance the conditions necessary for schools and school boards to create and sustain a culture in which students value education and career/life planning, and all educators see themselves as important contributors to a student’s comprehensive education and career/life planning experience.

In response to district school boards’ needs, we are offering you the flexibility to choose from among a variety of differentiated options to support the Deeper Conversations.  The original regional sessions that had been planned will be replaced with the following options. District school boards have been provided with funds to support participation in any combination of these options:

  1. Local Professional Learning – as determined by district school boards.
  2. 2018 OCEA Spring Conference: #LifeLongLearners April 22nd – 24th – The plenary session and workshops will be recorded to allow for wider broadcast and use in order to support board-level professional learning on education and career/life planning. The recording will be made available on this site.
  3. Provincial Virtual Session, May 3rd – While the session could be of interest to all educators, it will be oriented to administrators and relevant central board staff including Leaders of Experiential Learning, Guidance Leads and Cooperative Education Leads. This would be an extension to the ADOBE session already offered to Leaders of Experiential Learning to deepen understanding of how experiential learning supports education and career/life planning. Details available through Leaders of Experiential Learning. 
  4. Career Studies Project Debrief, April 23rd – 24th – to release educators to attend the debrief of this year’s projects and to plan ahead to explore the role of Career Studies within the context of a school’s comprehensive education and career/life planning program. 

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